A Better Weekend After the Previous Week’s Insanity

Last weekend and weekend previous were from hell. From mails I sent:

So, turns out I’ve been living with a psycho. Sunday he finds out he can’t
go back to CT because he has no place to stay and no job confirmed, so it dawns
on Mr that he no longer needs me around to look after his stuff and his cats.
Sunday evening he tells me I must leave immediately, never mind the R13k plus he
owes me for the rent and security deposit and food etc I have covered since
we’ve been here; I tell him I move when he pays me. I tell him yesterday
afternoon I have found some places available from the 1st, just need some of the
money he owes me for deposit so I can move. He says he’ll give me R4k end of the
month. He then proceeds to hole himself up in spare room with his bible, goes
out for an hour, then comes back with complex security to have me forcibly
removed. Lease is in his name so I cannot dispute it and am given a whole 20
minutes to pack some clothes and get out.

I am staying with Charlene
until the 1st when I move into garden cottage close to Wanderer’s stadium owned
by orsm off the wall family who I met yesterday morning. Rob is “allowing” me to
go to flat tomorrow to pack rest of my stuff.

I’ll be dragging the c**ts
arse to small claims court – the fact that lease is in his name and payments all
came from my account are apparently enough to do so.

Flabbergasted does
not even BEGIN to describe it.

I got to the flat at about 8am; he took FOREVER to unlock the door, sounded like
he had wrong key or something. Once I was inside I realised why – he’s put those
security vibes in the keyholes – the key that leaves a piece / lock behind in
keyhole to prevent anyone from unlocking the doors with a regular key. Felt like
commenting “I’m not the thief here”. Didn’t bother though, as I said to Roger on
MSN I don’t need to f*** with him mentally, he’s doing a fine job on his own 
So I start packing, then need to get stuff to my car. I look for keys – he’s
taken them upstairs with him LOL. So I have to get him to keep opening gate and
then he stands around waiting so that he can lock it again as soon as i am
inside. At one point he asks me where Lizo is (Eugene’s driver) and I said to
him look you have stuff you wanted to do – if you’re going to stay here guarding
me all day that’s your choice, but I think it’s at least two loads of stuff.
Asked him if he thought I was going to pick up his washing machine and run down
the road with it. The c*** eventually left me to my own devices at around 12.
Thankfully Lizo and the guys managed to do everything in one load so I got to
leave with all my stuff without having to see the prick again.
Spoke to him
about the money, and he reckons he has spoken to his boss and I can come get R4k
cash on Monday from him. With regards to his “payment plan” he says R500 a
month. I initially said fine okay, but after thought hang on – you earn R11k a
month (that’s what I’ve been told, could be more). His bond in CT is paid by
Raph’s rent; his car is paid off, and he lives 8km from work so petrol is
negligible. His rent + water & lights is R5500. So how must I settle for
R500 a month? That’s 17 months of f’n payments. So I ask him about this and he
gets all nasty and says “This is NOT a negotiation, that’s all you are getting”.
I’m not prepared to argue with a nutcase, so I said fine, I’ll sort it out. By
that I mean as soon as I have my R4k, I’m sending Allan his way to explain
nicely to him that I will accept R2k a month.
Last night Shereen and them
had a braai which I stayed for, got back to Pta at about 11:30 and had a good
night’s sleep. Today gonna try get some order out of the 3 suitcases with
clothes shoved in em and go get rat food for Engelbert as its in a box somewhere
LOL. IOW, I’m chilling.

So, that was my last week, and good riddance to the SOB. We’ll see tomorrow if it actually does give me the R4k as promised. This past weekend was very cool; Nel and Sandra were here from CT for the weekend so I spent it with them from Friday in Roodepoort and dropped them off this morning at the airport.
Friday we did a ridiculous amount of driving during the day so we just got some Romans pizza and chilled.

Saturday morning we all went to go visit Shereen and it’s teh first time Nel saw Kyle so that was cool. From there dropped the two of them off in Sandton so they could go watch the rugby match and I headed off to Brightwater to chill and read until Guy got off work. We had a good few beers then headed to Nicole & Brendan’s in Bellevue for dinner. Vegetarian lasagna, salad and home made cheesecake. Must say,m that lasagna was NOM. Must actually get the recipe from Nicole for that.
After dinner headed back to Sandton to go pick up Sandra and Nel and we all four went for a few beers at Paddy’s before dropping Guy at home and heading back to Roodepoort.

Had to drop them off at 8 this morn and then headed back “home” to Charlene’s. Been chilling all day and had a nice afternoon sleep to catch up on teh lack of it recently. Something is smelling rather tasty so my tummy is looking forward to dinner.


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