I’ve had enough of it, truly. Now Rob has done a 360 and has turned nasty. Too many ridiculous accusations and character assassinations to bother going into, suffice to say I’m peeved and disappointed. We’ll see how it rides out. Right now he wants me out the house asap, and I can’t go anywhere until he pays back the money he owes. Fair is fair. Pay back, I go. Fucking men. You bend over backwards to do the right things and try your utmost to be considerate and you get kicked in the teeth for it every time. I now KNOW I want to stay single for the foreseeable future.


One thought on “Drama

  1. Ah friend, that's horrible. And here I am all the way in Cape Town. Wish I could be up there to break some kneecaps.

    Let's do a virtual glass (bottle) of wine sometime soon.

    Keep me posted on how things are going, k?


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