Life, it’s looking pretty good :)

I’ve managed to pull myself out of the funk since Monday and it’s been a great week over all. Some drama and downs but nothing worth poring over; the ups have stayed up front and pulled ahead of the pack over all 🙂

Have started helping out at best buddies place with work stuffs; very mindless but it gets me out of the house, keeps me busy, and should yield a few bob extra so all is good there. Also, this week saw two new things to do wrt Xboxgamer site. Next Wednesday is an Infinia launch for the new LED LG 3D screens which will be cool to check out, and today was a free movie @ Monte. Saw Prince of Persia which was surprisingly orsm – go watch it! After hung about with some reviewers and had coffee and spoke kak which was great fun.

Wednesday eve went to see Diamonds & Dust at The Barnyard – got comps from a newly met friend who is in the production, so that was cool. After we went with him to his local – landed up drinking with newly found friend who happens to be an Irishman til 3 in the morning and being treated to imromptu jazz session courtesy of an American trumpet player who is a friend of the irishman.

Last night spent time with my friend and colleague in Pretoria before heading through to Lynnwood to see a friend who is hear on business from CT. We went out to a cool restaurant and had egte boere kos which was orsm; got home about 11. I am now overtired.

So, a great week and it’s noce to know I actually have a life and peeps out there to spend time in it with. Looking forward to being on my own here now.


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