It’s Monday. Another Monday in an endless succession of Monday’s. That cold took it out of me for the most part over the past week +; but thankfully it seems to be going away. Been sleeping a lot which has helped but alas has also had the side effect of making me terribly lethargic and completely undriven to do much of anything really. Need to kick myself out of this funk.

Boredom leads to apathy I’ve found, and I’m really really struggling to bother to do anything more these days than play Treasure Isle on facebook and watch endless episodes of CSI. I know the signs; I’m slipping very close to depression here but I’m not too concerned about it as I know what factors are contributing and those hsould all resolve within the next month at the most. It’s just getting through that month that is really proving to be a challenge. Each day seems more meaningless and fruitless than the next. Really lonely today; craving some company of the human variety – the pets just don’t quite cut it after a while LOL.

Best friend discussed possibility of me helping out at the office with some stuff they have to do; I don’t have enough to keep me busy in my own job at the moment so I’m hoping that’ll come through to at least get me out of the damn house and doing something vaguely useful.

Also contemplating volunteer work with one of the animal places; need to read up about what’s in my area. Of ocurse, that requires action, which at this point I seem quite incapable of hahahaha. I’ll get there eventually, just venting atm.



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