*choke cough splutter*

Damn cold has gotten it’s hooks into me, feeling like crap today. OD’ing on Med Lemon and Flusin should hopefully have the desired effect; though I suspect a bottle of whiskey would sort it out quicker…

My preview was published, and I’ve been told there’s a possibility of another one next week, so holding thumbs for it as it’s a game from a franchise I really enjoy 🙂

Things between bf (I suppose that’s ex bf really) and I are not bad at all; he’s being very understanding and supportive about everything and we’re doing our best to enjoy each other’s company while he’s still here, though tearful moments are frequent. He is at work atm, but app very happy about some news – I’m suspecting it has to do with the job in CT and his moving back so I suspect I may be on my own sooner than I anticipated. A very scary thought indeed, but it’s for the best in the long run. Must just keep reminding myself of that LOL.

Managed to take paprika for a very short walk about the complex earlier; was contemplating taking her round twice until a tell tale fever sweat broke out and I decided the Med Lemon was calling me back. I’ve spent the day watching TV and generally just lying about, more of it coming up now.

Like everybody else, I hate being sick 😦


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