I couldn’t think of a suitable title for today, so we’ll go with a comment oft used by Eeyore.

It’s been a tough couple of days. Hell, it’s been a tough half a year if I really want to get to the point. Today saw a turning point in what will hopefully be the beginning of a new chapter and ultimately a start to sorting out my muddled little head. Unfortunately, this neccessitates me being alone to do this, so it also heralds the end of relationship with bf. Things are amicable at present and we’ve agreed to make the most of each others time before he quite possibly moves back to CT, let’s hope it stays this way and we do indeed enjoy each other while we’re still living together. An odd and potentially volatile situation, but one that can work if we’re both adults about it. Here’s hoping. I’ve had enough stress and drama to last me at least 5 years over the past few months, and I really don’t want another enemy.

On that note, something fun and exciting today – I did my first game preview which should be published tomorrow, will post link once it is up. Apparently my writing isn’t absolute drivel, so I’m pleased by that LOL.

Spent the evening doing teh write up for the game, then took out Shrlock Holmes on DVD. I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to watch it as it didn’t enthrall me as I expected it would / had been told it would. It was okay.

I’m now going to play some Treasure Isle and then read some Pratchett, and hopefully get a decent nights sleep unmarred by life’s tiresome woes.


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