It was a dark day for the most part

But in a literal sense – power cuts. Power was off when I got up to take Paprika out for a wee at about 6am, and stayed off until about 6pm. Spent the day reading and sleeping, then popped down to Outer Limits thinking I’d have supper there with bf due to there being no power at home; but bf was busy with reservations coming in, and the idea of dinner on my own just didn’t appeal. Left after a cappuccino and picked up some McD’s for supper. Got home and power was back on, so decided to get a DVD.

Got New Moon, got home, went to put DVD in PS3 and the power went again. I suspect the emo angst of Bella was just too much for the grid to handle. It came on again, and stayed on for me to watch the film. These sparkly vampires and equally sparkly eyed werewolves do make for some nice eye candy when you’re home alone.

Feeling remarkably awake considering the almost 2 bottles of red wine consumed last night on my own and dl’ing tunes til 2:30am. The extra sleep time put in during todays power cuts obv did the trick. Hoping I get sleepy soon though, as there’s only so much Treasure Isle I can play and, more importantly, I’m almost out of smokes and still waiting for my pay to clear.


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