Happy Friday all :)

Well, as far as horror’s go, you could do worse than Paranormal Activity. I like the way it was filmed a la Blair Witch documentary style with a total cast of 3. Had that “based on real events” feel which is far preferable to hobgoblins running about disembowling people.

Was meant to go to a press launch vibe today but was cancelled – the attendance, not the launch. So just got back from Wimpy and the shops. Bf has gone back to said shops as I got home to discover the coffee we just bought is in fact beans, and not ground. Will not do I tell you. I haven’t had decent coffee (sorry Wimpy, you know it’s true) since yesterday morning. Not a good thing. For the safety of human kind it is rather imperitave that this is resolved. At least I’m not the only one who realises this πŸ™‚ There’s something about a bad cup of coffee that just makes you crave decent coffee all the more.

Today’s plans are few next to none. On me own again this eve; might read, might game, will see later what I’m in the mood for. Coffee has arrived. Hallelujah.



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