Sun is shining :)

Rather nice to have some clear skies for a change here – nice temperate weather all round.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful – mainly did housework really. A new development over teh past few days; my ex has started communicating with me again and it’s all civil. Even some jokes cracked. A step in the very right direction, but a part of me cannot help but wonder if it will last. Waiting for him to blow up at some little detail or other. We’ll see. For now, quite nice to be on speaking terms again. Divorce is ugly, no matter what anybody tells you. Unfortunately sometimes there just aren’t any other viable options. Not ones that would keep your sanity anyway.

Boss was in town today so met up with him for coffee and got some moola which makes me a happy camper. I am now in possession of Woolworth’s Dusted Jelly Babies, Coke Lite, and a horror DVD to enjoy this eve – the bf doesn’t do horror, so while he’s off at work pulling a double shift I shall take the opportunity to watch Paranormal Activity. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it was any good. I’m not holding my breath, horrors generally just aren’t scary anymore. Or interesting for that matter. But hey, I’m a sucker for punishment.

Today also saw the retun of a business customer that I was positive we’d lost, and a follow up meeting for a new one confirmed for next week that has some great potential. So, all in all, a good day 🙂


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